How Serenity and Courage was born.

The founder of the company, Estanislau Cardoso, has family roots connected to the sea, his great-grandfather, José dos Reis Viera was a master of fishing vessels, his grandfather José Salgueiro, also a master of vessels and a snorer, such as tunas and the like.


Estanislau Cardoso lost his father when he was 3 years old and his grandfather came to play a very important role in his life, especially since he spent much of his childhood and adolescence learning the teachings of his grandfather’s profession.
Estanislau Cardoso was born and raised in Vila Real de Santo António, an important fishing port, from the 50s to the beginning of the 90s, where the canning industry had great activity and dynamism, reason why and through the influence of his grandfather had direct contact With this reality.


In 2007, he started a fish and shellfish merchant activity as a collaborator of renowned Spanish and Portuguese companies in the Import and Export activity of shellfish and frozen fish, in which he held a commercial and sales and marketing role for the market internal and external.


In February 2015, he founded Serenity and Courage, materializing his entrepreneurial spirit and acquired professional experience, now on his own, developing close collaborations and partnerships with companies of reference in activity in the Iberian peninsula.